Games Media Brit List 2019 is going virtual

It is with much regret we announce that the Games Media Brit List 2019 will not take the form of a live awards ceremony this year.

This decision was not taken lightly, but unfortunately, and despite our best efforts, we were unable to attract sponsorship partners for the event. This means we simply had no way of covering the costs of venue hire, food, drinks, entertainment, video production, host, and the umpteen other factors that go into putting on a physical awards ceremony.

However! In recognition (and gratitude) of the fact so many of you engaged with GMBL in the build-up earlier this year, and the HUGE amounts of nominations you took the time to send in, it doesn’t feel right to simply cancel GMBL entirely. 

The Games Media Brit List 2019 will instead run as a ‘virtual’ awards.

What does that mean? Well, the general process remains the same, but we will be announcing the winners online rather than at a physical event.

We will very soon reveal the shortlist of Finalists, which has been put together based on nominations made previously.

Following that, we will be contacting each Finalist to ask for a short bio and links to two pieces of work – whether that’s a game review, a YouTube Video, or podcast, depending on the category. This is to provide the Finalists with control of which pieces of work the judges consider.

Then the judging panel will be given this information and will decide the winners. We will then announce the winners on the GMBL website and on Twitter (we’ll let you know in advance of the date).

It’s not the quite the same, we know. Trust us – no one is more disappointed than we are that we won’t be able to get together in person and celebrate the amazing amount of media talent in this industry as we did last year. It was a great night, and everyone had a ball.

But we hope you continue to engage with GMBL in its new form (albeit virtually) and together we can still achieve what it was set out to do; to provide a platform to recognise the great wealth of talent within the UK games media community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lisa Carter on, and stay tuned for the finalist’s announcement.

Game on.

The GMBL team