Games media! Nominate yourself for a Games Media Brit List Award! There’s still time!

Psst. Hey, you there. Yes you, the hardworking, upstanding member of the games media. Have you or your team done something you’re proud of over the past year? An article, video or podcast? You have? Well then, step this way.

The Games Media Brit List awards are happening on Thursday May 17th at Rich Mix in Shoreditch.

The event is designed to recognise and celebrate anyone involved in the games and esports media – specialist consumer journalists, B2B reporters, vloggers, streamers, media brands, national media reviewers and more.

We want you to tell us who the finalists should be, but time is running out.

The proposition is simple – put yourself forward or someone else you think should win. Or both!

There are no long complicated forms to wrestle with – the process is quick and simple. You’ll get it done in the time it takes to play a round of PubG.

All the finalists attend for free, and there will be food and drink provided. If that’s not incentive enough to get scribbling, here are six additional reasons:

1) Getting together with the rest of the games media and the wider industry for some hot networking action might lead to your next gig. Or not. Either way, it’s worth saying hello. 

2.a) It’s nice to be recognised for your achievements.

2.b) It’s nice to recognise others for their achievements.

3) There will be games tournaments on the night. First applaud your peers on stage, then annihilate them on the battlefield. 

4) You will be handed food and special game themed cocktails courtesy of our event partner Jagermeister (less ostentatious beverages are also available).

5) There is no finer profile pic than posing smugly on stage with an award you’ve just won.  

Interested? Great. The next step is to work out where you or your favourite games media person best sits. The categories are:

Best Critic
Pretty self-explanatory. Have you reviewed anything in print, online or as part of a podcast/video? This category is for you.

Best Reporter
For all you news hounds across any medium.

Best Features Writer
Is longform your thing? Print, digital, mainstream or specialist features writers, step this way.

Best Video Presenter
Got a face for video? This category covers both solo YouTubers and brand-produced content.

Best Streamer
Are you a streamer? Are you good? This one’s for you.

Best Podcast & Radio
We know that video hasn’t killed the radio/podcast star. This category celebrates this still-thriving sector of the media.

Print Editorial Team
Does what it says on the tin. Recognising magazine and newspaper teams – specialist and mainstream.

Online Editorial Team
Ditto. If you and your team cover games online, enter here.

Video Production Team
Again, not much to explain. Open to any editorially-led video production teams who cover games.

Emerging Talent
This category celebrates those just starting out on their journey as a games writer or broadcaster. Open to anyone who’s been writing about games for under two years.

Choose which most fits, and complete the submission process here:

And then while you are waiting to see who made it, why not join the conversation by following us on:

Twitter: #GMBL18


We’d love to hear from you, get in touch if you have any questions, and any feedback or suggestions are always welcome.

Contact or call 07970 164201.

See you on May 17th!