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Nobody wants complicated entry forms, right? So, we’ve made the Games Media Brit List nominations process as simple as possible.

The Games Media Brit List is a showcase of the talent in the UK games media, recognising the individuals engaged in reporting, reviewing or commentating on video games and esports – including specialist journalists (B2C and B2B), national press, podcasters, vloggers, reviewers, freelancers, and everything in between.

These awards are for anyone working in the UK games media. You don’t have to be British, but you do need to have worked for a UK games media outlet within the past 12 months [See the 2018 Winners here].

Below is a list of the categories with a brief explanation of who is eligible to enter.

Choose which one/s you want to enter (either yourself or on behalf of somebody else) and then simply email entries@gamesmediabritlist.com, providing the following information:-

  • The category or categories you wish to enter

  • 100-200 words on why you/your team/the person you want to nominate should be considered for this award

  • Up to five links to work, if relevant

  • Up to three pieces of supporting material

That’s it.

The closing date for nominations is Thursday, February 28th 2019.

Winners will be picked by a named panel of independent judges.

If you have any questions at all about the categories, nominations of judging process questions, just email lisa.carter@gamesmediabritlist.com.

Meanwhile, eyes down, here are the categories you can enter - Good luck!

GMBL 19 Categories

Best Critic

Pretty self-explanatory. Have you reviewed anything in print, online or as part of a podcast/video? This category is for you.

Best Reporter

For all you news hounds across any medium.

Best Features Writer

Is longform your thing? Print, digital, mainstream or specialist features writers, step this way.

Best Video Presenter

Got a face for video? This category covers both solo YouTubers and brand-produced content.

Best Podcast & Radio

We know that video hasn’t killed the radio/podcast star. This category celebrates this still-thriving sector of the media.

Print Editorial Team

Does what it says on the tin. Recognising magazine and newspaper teams – specialist and mainstream.

Online Editorial Coverage - Specialist

Ditto. If you and your specialist games team cover games online, enter here.

Online Editorial Coverage - Mainstream

Same, but for the national and mainstream media.

Video Production Team

Again, not much to explain. Open to any editorially-led video production teams who cover games.

Emerging Talent

This category celebrates those just starting out on their journey as a games writer or broadcaster. Open to anyone who’s been writing about games for under two years.

Editor of the Year

This category is open to magazine, online or section editors who have inspired and led their teams to success over the past year.

Unsung Hero

Do you know someone who has gone out of their way to mentor and foster upcoming talent? Or have gone beyond the call to help with worthwhile initiatives. This one’s for them.

Most Influential 

This will recognise an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the UK games media during his/her career. The winner of this award will be chosen by the Games Media Brit List team, who will take soundings from leading industry individuals.

Winners will be chosen by a panel of independent peer judges.

Have a question? Contact Lisa Carter on +44 (0)7970 164 201 / lisa.carter@gamesmediabritlist.com.